5 Things to Keep Until Your Next Massage Therapy Treatment

Whatever is it that makes you feel well and alive it is a matter of... How can keep my body and mind feeling at optimally until the next massage therapy appointment?

Here are five simple things that anyone can do to ensure that your muscles are healthy and happy between visits:

1. Hydrate Drink plenty of water: You've heard it all before, haven't you? eight glasses of water every day? If you're a water-drinker then keep it up and take pleasure in your hydration! Try putting slices of lemon wedges, cucumbers rose petals, or lavender into your drink. Take pleasure in tea and rooibos is a particular favourite. It is caffeine-free and high in antioxidants and is available in a variety of flavors. Do you have a watermelon in your refrigerator that is becoming a bit overripe? Take off the rind, cut the melon, then put it into the blender along with an ounce of lime. Delish!

Your muscles require water in order to function and repair. The tightness that you feel after exercising is because of the cramping effects of dehydration. Keep your fluid levels up and pay attention to how you feel after you've been to the fitness center. You'll be amazed at the changes it makes!

2. It's a stretch: When you get to the world in the early morning Do you ever wish that you could lie in bed for a few minutes longer? You can! Simply make your time productive by gradually awakening your body and getting it ready for the next day. Begin to move your feet, turning at the ankle , in small circular movements. Relax and move your shoulders around in circles. Spread your arms over your head, and turn your wrists. This method may differ for each person however, the aim is to awaken your nervous system, and prevent beginning your day with a rush right from the moment you pull your cover off. Stretching isn't just for those who are flexible, in fact, if you've got restricted range of motion in the body in any way just a few simple and gentle movements during the morning can aid in waking up and feel the best you can be, but it will aid in preventing injuries.

3. Posture: In our technologically dependent age, we have seen a lot of users suffering from issues arising from the use of computers for long periods. When sitting at your desk, you should be aware of your posture and settle into a comfortable posture with your shoulders tucked in and back and your back straight and your gaze is straight forward. This will help you avoid the position of your head that is tilted downwards to the side at all times. A lot of computer monitors are simple to adjust and a couple of minutes of adjustments could help you avoid years of discomfort down the road.

4. Bags: Large shoulder bags and purses will are never out of fashion However, they can cause your spine off balance and trigger an unintended cycle of exhaustion and fatigue to the muscles that are overcompensating. There are many excellent backpacks available specifically designed for laptops as well as other essentials for school and work. If a backpack isn't going to work, then carry a smaller bag or purse, focusing the word "small". The most effective way to avoid carrying a large bag is to not to hold more than you need.

Bring groceries into the car? It's fine to take a couple of trips! It's not going to impress anyone having them all at your house in one day... particularly when you've injured yourself by doing it.

5. Walk Walking: Exercise can strengthen our muscles, calm our minds, allow us live longer, and also save us money when we run, walk or cycle to run or complete errands. So , what are you wasting time for? You don't have to buy an entire new wardrobe or fancy shoes for running take a walk! Take a walk whenever you can to complete short routine errands. If you must drive, avoid the trouble of fighting for a suitable parking spot , and drive from a more distant, parking space that is free of traffic and allows (not to force) your body to stretch your legs, avoiding stress and working your body in one easy move!

Massage therapy is an incredible and effective method of keeping your muscles healthy, and as you continue to take good care to yourself, the better you'll enjoy each session. By keeping hydrated, flexible and active, your massage therapist will help your body achieve levels of health that you've never thought of!

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