What is Thai Yoga Massage and How Does It Work?

Simply put, Thai Yoga Massage is an active therapy that requires you to collaborate with a certified therapist/masseur in order to let go of tension and improve the energy flow in your body. It involves stretching poses which are similar to those that you would find in regular yoga, however they are augmented and assisted by a professional. Additionally, pressure is applied to the Sen Lines throughout the body to ensure that these positions are kept.

What Are Sen Lines?

Many religions have formal theories about energy lines which run all over your body. In traditional Thai medical practices, they are referred to as Sen Lines (similar to meridians channels, nadis, as well as chakras). Sen Lines are located at various points throughout the body, like the ears and mouth as well as the ear, mouth and. If the energy flowing through the Sen Lines gets blocked, your emotional, mental and physical health could be affected. This is why Sen Lines as well as Thai Yoga are similar to chakra balance. In contrast to your chakras that are spinning, Sen Lines operate very similar to wires that conduct energies throughout the body. If blockages develop in those pathways, they have to be removed. The Thai Yoga massage and chakra balance work on the assumption that opening the flow of energy in your body will lead to greater well-being and happiness.

How Does Thai Yoga Work?

The Thai Yoga massage is an mix with traditional yoga as well as Ayurveda. Although it involves a number of yoga postures, it's an inactive massage that relies on the practitioner manipulating your body in various postures and stretching. When you stretch the therapist applies a the pressure in a rhythmic manner on you Sen Lines in order to clear blockages and permit the flow of energy without a pause. It is crucial to wear loose clothes.

How Does Thai Yoga Relate to Other Forms of Energy Healing?

Thai Yoga Massage is a instrument that works in the same way as any other in keeping a healthy energy system. As we mentioned the chakra balance is a practice that is widely used to ensure that the emotional, physical and energetic systems functioning together in harmony. But, there are many other methods of energy healing that are worth considering.

The Emotional Freedom Method is like Thai Yoga Massage in that it uses pressure points to aid in the release of emotional tension. The Emotional Freedom Technique incorporates verbal affirmations along with the practice of tapping (firmly and tapping your fingers in a rhythmic manner on Acupressure points on the arms and face) to eliminate emotional blockages and keep your energy balanced.

Energy Profiling can have the advantage of allowing you to comprehend and express your authentic nature. Without this understanding it is possible to become blocked. A professional who is trained helps you develop your skills, and recognize your particular energy style.

A growing method of energy healing is The Law of Attraction, well-known due to its use on The Secret book and the DVD. This Law of Attraction is based on the idea that it is your state of mind that determines the way you live your life. Fear, for instance, is a negative energy and the energy you draw to your life will be related to the negative energy. The Law of Attraction also is a prominent theme in Joe Vitale's writing.

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