Why Thai Massage is so popular?

"I had two weekends of massage events in October. I saw the same number of clients both weekends, but made three times as much money the second weekend by offering Thai massage."

"Many of my clients say they never want any other kind of massage again." "I have a steady stream of clients for Thai massage. It has given me a powerful tool to supplement my wellness offerings to my clients."

Contrast these statements and the other messages I received recently by e-mail from a few students of mine Thai student massage clients, and the all-too-common mistakes of massage therapy that include too lots of competition, too few clients, and not enough income and physical exhaustion.

Thai massage can be a potent solution to these issues. In a subsequent article, we'll take a discuss the advantages of Thai massage for the practitioner. In this article, we will focus on the benefits for business of providing Thai massage.

Ride the Great American Yoga Wave

The first step I took when I moved into my new residence at Miami was to look at the Yellow Pages under "Yoga." I contacted Riko, the instructor closest to my home, says Jenny, and he was an extremely talented instructor as well as a wonderful advocate. He's become my megaphone and has been communicating the advantages from Thai massages for his fellow students and students.

Thai massage has been referred to "yoga massage" and "assisted yoga," due to the fact that it utilizes yoga-like poses to provide clients with a relaxing method to reap its benefits, including release of muscles and reducing pain. the stretching of muscles, and a profound sense of wellbeing. It is not just for people who are active in yoga however, but also to many who would like the many benefits of yoga, without having to remove a mat.

Real Men Do Get Massage

According to the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) found that just seventeen percent American men had been treated to massages within the last year. While professional athletes are awed by massages on a regular basis but the average Joe isn't comfortable entering a massage room and removing his clothing. Add scented oils to the mix and he'll be shivering like a snarled wolf!

Thai massage relieves discomfort since the clothing stays in place. Additionally, it offers the type of work that which men love. (And it does it without straining your body.) Also, offer Thai massages to the exhausted CEO, the exhausted office worker, or the weekend athlete, whether female or male. They are a huge market that is not being explored by new clients, typically with the highest discretionary income.

The days are long gone where a massage therapist was able to achieve success using simple Swedish technique. Nowadays, competition is difficult and clients require a wider range of options. The AMTA states that 92 % of its members employ Swedish methods; 75 percent provide deep tissue therapy and 58 percent neuromuscular. trigger-point therapy, 58 percent and 49 percent sports and 36 percent shiatsu acupressure.

Note that Thai massage isn't listed! Yet according to the International Spa Association (ISPA) has identified Thai massage among the fastest-growing treatments requested by customers. The demand is increasing and supply is very limited.

To stay competitive Spas are striving to expand their offerings and demand from customers has resulted in Thai massage one of the top priorities. The ISPA recognizes Thai massage among the "key trends" in the spa sector. In some areas of the nation massage therapists can be charged more for Thai massages due to its status as an extremely "hot "specialty."

In the last year alone I've been contacted by six spas with the highest ratings to provide Thai massage for their staff. Their clients want Thai massage, which I have heard time and time again due to its connection to yoga - its wear-and-play ease, its efficacy in improving flexibility, and its capacity to alleviate chronic pain.

Thai massage does not use oils or lotions. Since clients are clothed you don't need spend money to buy or wash lots of sheets. This means lower costs for financial services as well as less time spent doing tasks that generate no income.

You can contact me (Riko Chirito) through my website Best Thai Yoga Massage - Miami or go to my place at 323 NE 171st Street North Miami Beach, 33162 or call me at 3055629917 for reservation.