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  • Best Thai Yoga Massage - Miami

    In-calls and outcalls for mobile massage therapy in Miami.

    Specializing in Injury Therapy and Recovery, Rebalancing.

    Also offering Custom Luxury Thai Massage.

    Eliminate Pain, Refresh your life.

    (Via Advanced Booking Only - available Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays)

  • Thai & Yoga Massage - My Expertise

    Riko Chirito, LMBT Licensed Massage Therapist & Vedic Thai Yoga Practitioner


    🏆 Update: I'm humbled and thrilled to share that I've achieved the honor of being a 4-time Award Winning Therapist in the US. The recognition culminated in being a standout contender for the World Championship of Massage—an accolade that underscores my commitment to excellence and innovation in the realm of healing.


    Unlock the profound potential of your body's innate healing wisdom through my transformative specialty massages. As a dedicated guide, I specialize in helping individuals forge a deep, meaningful connection with their bodies, activating the intricate healing mechanisms that reside within.


    With a focus on restructuring injuries and dissolving discomfort on both the physical and spiritual planes, I offer a gateway to renewed vitality and a revived sense of life. Step into a realm of relief, where pain dissipates, and the burdens of muscular and spiritual tensions are lifted through the art of Thai Vedic Bodywork.

    Distinct from conventional massages, this Holistic Healing technique transcends mere therapy—it's a harmonious blend of assisted yoga and profound rejuvenation.


    As a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist (LMBT) across two states (NC, FL), I bring a wealth of expertise to each session. Furthermore, I hold the esteemed certification of a Thai Vedic Bodyworker, bestowed by the prestigious "Vedic Conservatory." This organization is not only recognized by the State of Florida Legislation but also renowned for shaping skilled practitioners, with thousands of students annually mastering Vedic Thai under its guidance.


    Embark on a journey of self-discovery and holistic rejuvenation with me. Let's chart a course towards unlocking your body's potential for profound healing and renewal.



  • "A unique experience -- not your average massage."


    Riko Chirito representing the US and Peru in the World Championship in Massage 2022 and 2023.


  • Championship Photos

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    American Massage Championship

    Riko Winner of Bronze at the National Level for Wellness and Chair Massage

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    World Championship in Massage

    Competing against world best Thai therapists.

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    Chair Massage

    Experience one of the best chair massage techniques in the world.

  • What We Provide

    Renew your sense of life, relieve pain, and release your muscular and spiritual tensions.

    We have daily Yoga and Thai session for all levels. You can relax with an amazing deep Massage. Our team has mastered UNIQUE Massage Techniques. Come and visit our Miami Center and release the pain.

    Riko Chirito Thai Yoga back Massage in Miami

    Relaxing Thai Yoga Massage

    Thai massage is thought to be an effective and healing practice instead of a spa treatment that is similar to yoga without needing to sweat it out! The therapist will move the body in yoga postures that create stretch, and flexibility, and expand the range of motion. the effect of human touch is amazing in affecting your physical and emotional well-being of yours.

    Riko Chirito Thai Yoga relaxing Massage in Miami

    Reiki Full Body Massage

    Reiki is the art of transferring energy through one’s hands. When you apply it to massage therapy, Reiki becomes inestimable, and its healing effects are superlative.

    Riko Chirito Thai Yoga bestt Massage in Miami

    Ease pain and stiffness with a back Massage

    Asian Thai massage increases blood flow to the skin and muscles and helps ease pain and stiffness. This can help prevent problems, such as skin breakdown or pressure sores.

    Riko Chirito Thai Yoga mobile Massage in Miami

    A lot of beautiful & peaceful places in Miami where I can heal and relax your aching body on a Thai massage mattress. I am available for private events, public events, and festivals, and am open to travel.

    Riko Chirito Thai Yoga home Massage in Miami

    Best MIAMI massage at the comfort of your home

    You can always count on me to provide you with the best massage even in the comfort of your own home!

    Riko Chirito Thai Yoga couple Massage in Miami

    Experience Thai Yoga Couple Massage

    Available for PRIVATE COURSES, COUPLE'S MASSAGE COURSE, and GROUP WORKSHOPS! Tantra basics and more!

  • Our Rates

    Please send me a message if you need a personal pricing adjustment, I will do what I can to work with your budget. Otherwise, here are my normal rates. (Gratuity Not Included with Prices)

    Riko Chirito Thai Yoga Massage in Miami PRICING


    $150/ 1hr

    (or $3 per minute if shorter than an hour)

    The rhythmic breathing and movement exercises of Thai Tantra Yoga provides relaxation of the body and mind. As you strengthen your body & you release tension.

    Riko Chirito Thai Yoga Massage in Miami PRICING


    $200 / 1.5 hours

    (90 minute)


    For Pain Relief, Muscle Release, Deep Relaxation, Circulation and Cardio, Plus Mental Clarity! Truly Stimulating Experience.

    Riko Chirito Thai Yoga Massage in Miami PRICING

    Taking our Time

    $250 / 2hr


    Deep Session, everything covered.

    Renew your sense of life, relieve pain, release your muscular and spiritual tensions.


    Riko Chirito Thai Yoga Massage in Miami PRICING

    Custom Massage



    You can choose from any add-ons, and customize as you like.

    (CBD Pain Relief, Shae Butter Feet Rub, Sound Healing, Reiki, Scarf Therapy, Sound Therapy, Exotic Massage, Ashiatsu, and Medicine Ceremonies.

  • Book Now!


    1. First time clients will be required to have their first session at their home.

    2. Future sessions can be at my in-home studio, or at clients home for $50 travel/service fee.


    Many of my bookings happen on the field, so to stay most updated we must confirm via text.

    One last thing... 2 days in advance is the average open availability.

  • Contact US

    Please fill up your Name, Email + your callback number and I will get back to you at the earliest possible time or send me a text message @ (305)562-9917

    323 NE 171st Street
    North Miami Beach, 33162