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  • About the World Championship in Massage


    The World Championship in Massage is an elite competition held in Denmark that showcases the best in massage therapy. This event is a celebration of skill, innovation, and holistic health practices, where therapists demonstrate their techniques across various categories, including wellness massage, freestyle massage, and chair massage. It’s a platform for learning, sharing, and elevating the standards of massage therapy worldwide.



    Why This Matters


    Participating in the World Championship in Massage is a unique opportunity to advance the art of massage therapy and promote holistic health. Competing at this level allows me to learn from the best, exchange innovative techniques, and bring back valuable knowledge to benefit our local community and the broader U.S. massage therapy field. This championship is not just about personal achievement; it’s about representing our country and contributing to the global wellness movement, enhancing the therapeutic benefits of massage for everyone. 



    How Your Support Makes a Difference


    Your sponsorship will help cover the costs of travel, accommodation, and participation fees, allowing me to focus entirely on representing the United States and showcasing the therapeutic benefits of massage. Here’s how your support can make an impact:

    Travel Expenses: Covering flights and transportation to Denmark.

    1. Accommodation: Ensuring a comfortable stay during the competition.
    2. Participation Fees: Covering the costs associated with entering various competition categories.

    Training and Preparation: Enabling me to access advanced training and resources to perform at my best.

  •  Sponsorship Tiers

    GOLD $1200

    • Take your product to Copenhagen and create content with other therapists.
    • Display signage with logos of sponsors.
    • Publicly mention sponsors on all international broadcasts.

    SILVER $600

    • Carry and use branded accessories during the World Championship.
    • Pre and post-event mentions on social media content (3 times across 3 platforms).

    BRONZE $100


    • One social media post about your brand as a sponsor with a detailed description.
  • Special Offers and Rewards

    50% Off a Prepaid Massage for Previous Clients

    Special Offers and Rewards

    50% Off a Session with Riko

  • How You Can Help

    • Donate: Any amount, big or small, will help cover the necessary expenses.
    • Share: Spread the word about this campaign with your network to increase visibility.
    • Encourage: Your moral support and encouragement mean the world to me.
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    I am deeply grateful for your support and belief in this cause. By sponsoring my participation in the World Championship in Massage, you are joining a movement dedicated to promoting wellness and the art of massage therapy. Together, we can achieve greatness and contribute to a healthier, more balanced world.


    Join Me on This Journey!