• The Ultimate Transformation

    we are not giving you a one-time fix here. we are taking you through a journey and transformation to a more confident you. more confident about life, yourself, and the world!

  • From Dissatisfaction and Depletion,

    to Expanded Liberation of your Tantric Self.

    5 month energetic shift - $5555

    Heal your body and balance your energetic body

    We will take a look at your SACRED VESSEL, the vehicle for your soul, your body.


    Do you experience physical or emotional pain? Are you going through a medical situation, and feeling uncertain?


    From head to toe, checking all corners looking at your body, mind, and spirit HOLISTICALLY, we'll create a plan, and heal away!


    This will include: World Class Massages and bodywork, Indigenous Medicine Journeys, Unique Immersive Activities.

    Explore a healing modality to share with others

    Being able to help people HEAL is what gave me purpose in this world.


    In this section, we are going to explore the network of healer's paths and find one that you resonate with.


    I have a belief. Just as the plants serve as food to all living beings, we humans too have a purpose in this natural world.


    Could it be to heal minds, bodies, or the planet? We are going to dig deep, and you will leave with your OWN way to heal the world.

    Understand your psychology and shadows

    Much of what we experience is based on how we think.


    But why do we think the way we do. Who's talking to us when we listen to our thoughts.


    Which patterns are holding us back, and what are our triggers?


    Using contemporary and ancient wisdom, as well as curated SELF-DEVELOPMENT tools, we are going to explore our minds. Deconstructing psychology, philosophy, and science we will determine just what is going on with YOU.


    After all, the best way to achieve anything, is to know thyself.

    Change perspectives from matrix to paradise

    You are not alone!


    The world is in a turbulent state right now (maybe it's always been), but now it's undeniable that the paths are diverging.


    We either will have an oppressive future, slaves to our greeds and fears, OR we will RISE above all and create a future that we are proud of.


    This battle is being fought VIA SPIRIT. The WILL of the People will ALWAYS TRIUMPH over the decadencies of the world.


    We need you to choose a side, will you create Heaven on Earth with us?


    We will explore the many DELIGHTFUL experiences this world as to offer. And finally see what has been there all along; a JOYFUL LIFE.

    Master your communication and relationships

    Why can't we all just get along?


    I was perplexed by this question for years. Aren't we the same as other people? We all have mothers and fathers, a nation, a group of people we interact with. Yet, we still manage to hurt each other, we find ways to think ourselves different.


    What if I told you, the answer to came to was, "COMMUNICATION". As the word suggests, communion is the act of intimately bringing together.


    Consider this, could your relationships improve if everyone was clear about the reality that is being shared? Could BRAVERY, FLEXIBILITY, and LOVE, join our minds and hearts?


    Through Coaching Calls, we will be taking a deep look at the forms of communicating we are using and how it's affecting our relationships with our families and loved ones, with no judgement.

  • This is a personal journey of Inner healing, Creativity and Wisdom.

    What is your Tantric Self?

    The Path of Self-Love, Your LOVING SELF. 

    Have you ever wondered, what your full potential is? What you were born into this world to do, and how your life would be if you changed from this Matrix experience to a Sensual Being Making Love to LIFE?

    It's time to wake up, NEO.

    Energetically, I will be offering your SOUL the following tools for 5 months. Your soul will use this energy to DRIVE YOU to your intentional goal, and life you want to live. This transformation is yours!

    We all have special gifts unique to us, using a sophisticated energy chart, I am able to confidently offer these energetic gifts by just offering my frequency to you. These are my gifts to you: Creating new things, Creating Closeness with Others, Natural Integrity, Focus and Precision, A Love of Life, Listening and Collecting Stories, Expanding the Good in Others' Lives, A Natural Instinct for How to Control Resources, Tailoring Your Message, Love of Getting Involved with Others, The Desire to Feel Deeply, A Warrior of the Light, Provoking With Consciousness, Seeing All the Future Outcomes, Natural Purity, Strength in Stillness, The Drive to Provide for Yourself, Self-Created Joy, Inner Knowing.


    As we become aligned as a team you too will be have access to these gifts.

    Of course, you also have your own gifts and your own chart, and as you enter the program, we will go over them and attune you to realizing them.

    What is at STAKE?

    Are you willing to trust yourself? To give yourself time?

    We are here on this Earth for a reason.

    Is it to pay bills and die?

    Or does our soul have a plan for us?

    If so, could it be that the way we are living is just a distraction?

    And there is actually a powerful way to experience this life fully, satisfied and exploring love?




    5 months to change your life


    Who is Omega Riko?



    Omega means the end or last, or as I like to put it, ULTIMATE.
    For years, I've been helping people heal their bodies and their minds.
    However, I was approached and was asked where I felt unsatisfied in what I offered.
    My answer was that my clients took on too little of the transformation and were satisfied.
    This was the wrong perspective.
    In reality, I was offering my clients TOO LITTLE. I was not offering them the COMPLETE PACKAGE, just a taste, just a tease.
    After discussing it with my coach, Dasha Love, we recognized that I needed to use my energetic gifts and share them fully.
    I'm not longer holding back, I will give you my all.
    This one is for you, my clients.
    - Omega
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