• Thai Yoga Healing & 7Deep Body Activation

    Simple or Deep

  • What is Thai Yoga Healing?

    Based on Advanced Thai Yoga Massage, this is a Spiritual Ceremonial Massage to Renew your Sense of Life, Relieve Pain, Release your Muscular and Spiritual Tensions.

    Perfect for Loosening the Body, Increasing Flexibility, Joint Mobilization and Lubrication, Experiencing Blissfull Movement.

    Expect, injuries to heal dramatically, and old compensations to realign. You will feel a new sense of space.

  • What is 7Deep Body Activation?

    The body is not the only layer of the self. There are at least 7 layers, Physical, Emotional, Mental, Energetic, Spiritual, Electrical, & Molecular. In this type of therapy, we will address all layers and reactivate the body to MAXIMUM optimal healing and performance.

    What would happen if your Cells and DNA are Reactivated?

    This Therapy Enhances your Quality of Life and Revitalizes the Senses, even the Psychic ones. There is much to unlock.

  • Benefits of Thai Yoga Massage

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    Relaxing Thai Yoga Massage

    Thai massage is thought to be an effective and healing practice instead of a spa treatment that is similar to yoga without needing to sweat it out! The therapist will move the body in yoga postures that create stretch, and flexibility, and expand the range of motion. the effect of human touch is amazing in affecting your physical and emotional well-being of yours. 

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    Revitalizing the Entire Body with a Full Body Massage

    Indulging yourself in this total relaxation full body massage that's ideal for people who are new to massage, have a lot of tension in their body, or are sensitive to touch.

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    Ease Pain and Stiffness and increase Flexibility

    A massage that increases blood flow to the skin and muscles and helps ease pain and stiffness. This can help prevent problems, such as skin breakdown or pressure sores.

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    Thai Yoga can be done outside. Nature Massage

    I am available for private events, public events, and festivals, and am open to travel.

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    Best on the floor, Thai Massage is done on Futon for Deeper Movement

    You can always count on me to provide you with the best massage even in the comfort of your own home!

  • Private Sessions


    1. First time clients will be required to have their first session at their home.

    2. Future sessions can be at my in-home studio, or at clients home for $50 travel/service fee.


    Many of my bookings happen on the field, so to stay most updated we must confirm via text.

    One last thing... 2 days in advance is the average open availability.

  • Group Classes

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    Bring the art of Thai Yoga Massage to your team, family, or community. We offer workshops for both, hand-on education, and uniquely expanded experiences. Imagine getting your friends or co-workers on a mini-retreat where they learn how to massage. Cost per person starts at $70, everyone will get massaged!
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