Foot Massage Principles

The main Ancient foot massage principle is the principle of blood circulation and the concept of reflection in endocrine and the theory of meridian.

1. Blood circulation principle

The whole body's blood circulation is the human heart, resulting from the large flow of blood through the arteries, which cleans the blood flowing through the veins. But the blood flow is not pure, the blood flow through the intravenous veins is slower than the rate of arterial blood flow is slow. The vein's internal blood cleanses "impurities" like the uric acid crystal is easily dissolved. These deposits are subject to the gravity of the Earth for a long time. the final strand of strands formed within the human foot caused the foot to have low blood flow. In the end, the heart is able to burden the organs and tissues of the body "dependent" and the organs and tissues will decline over time as people experience discomfort, which can cause various degrees of abnormal reactions that the human body experiences. Massage of the foot reflex zone increases the temperature of your feet. the rate of blood flow (was found to be no foot massage, and a foot blood flow speed is 12mm/s, the full massage blood flow can be as high as 24-25mm per second) The sludge of the feet massage "broken" in the process, and it will be involved in circulation, as blood circulation is accelerated and by re-excreating through the urinary tract and organs that excrete. Within 3-5 days following our extensive massage of the foot reflex zone, there will be urine to be very turbid, and urine smells very intense, and everyone feel calm and energized. The stimulation of the reflex zones of the foot can increase blood flow, lessen the stress on the heart and increase metabolic performance.

2 Reflection principle

The reflex is a response to an external stimulus. There are varying levels of change within the reflex points on your feet, which is an abnormality in the organs and tissues within the human body for example bubbles, sand granular or granular. Bar locks like tiny nodules. The stimulation of reflex zones causes an obvious sensation of tenderness. This pain in the afferent nerves that connect to the central nervous conduction central nervous system the development of nerve impulse conduction organs and tissues within the body, which triggers an array of neurohumoral control that stimulate the body's capacity to control the body's immune and disease resistance functions and regulating imbalances in the body. Reflection of the pathology's original information can also block the cerebral cortex of patients. who have developed a pathological stimulated stove, touch and pain impulses that came from the foot reflex zones will result in the formation of another stove. Along with the duration of the massage. The extension of this stove that is excited in its superposition laws of effects will increase in strength and, more than an abnormal excitement stove is suppressed until it completely disappears. In the meantime, the body will produce lots of unique "substances" like infrared radiation, electric and magnetic as well as a range of drugs that originate from the body " specific" chemical, or factor "is one of the best for the human body. It is also being the most efficient treatment component and foot massage can be described as magic and have a completely natural effect.

3. Meridian principle

The Meridian Theory is the main theory behind traditional Chinese medicine traditional medicine. 5 thousand years ago, the Chinese Yellow Emperor kept records and foot massages are a way to improve the health "concept toe" and articles. Modern science has proven that the human meridian exists in its form, and the structure of it is a line of meridian, the cuticle is thin, resulting in it having a low impedance. It is extremely sensitive, high in nerve endings as well as nerve bundles in the meridian line; high in capillaries, and particularly dense metabolic blood flow excessive, which results in high infrared radiation. Meridians surround mast cells forming a chain-like arrangement. It is highly luminescent. Meridians through a small connective tissue bundle state channel, with an extremely high-frequency sound characteristic.

Meridian is a "channel" that is blocked and can make you feel uncomfortable. The Meridian line is linked by the hole points of many organs, and a number of the points on our feet, when we massage our feet reflex zones will stimulate these points. This is the same as blood circulation as well as the reflection principle of meridian conduction. The conduction is similar to dominoes and therefore plays a part in clearing meridians. TCM considers that "pain is not a valid reason and not pain is what it's all about so the massage of the foot zone could play the function of the meridians that dredge. In conclusion, when the foot reflex zone stimulation is combined with these principles, they while playing an important role, not separately to enhance its effectiveness and effectiveness, therefore the foot reflex area massage can have very serious adverse health effects.

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