Thai Yoga Massage Miami

Introduction to Thai yoga massage

What can you do to stop being a victim of illness, pain and mental health disorders? Blockages can be the cause of your chronic pain. By using the traditional Shen energy healing technique that is a part of Thai Yoga Massage located in Miami, Riko Chirito will assist you in overcoming these imbalances. What exactly is Thai yoga?

The ancient practice that is Thai yoga massage is focused on the healing of energy via Ayurvedic practice and the traditional form of yoga. The origins of the practice are traced back to Ayurveda and Buddhism in India and then moved to Thailand. Despite its origins from the past the fundamentals of the practice remain the same since the advent of Thai massage. It's now the most effective therapeutic tool available in the mass market.

Our bodies are brimming with energy, and traumatizing experiences that are physical, emotional or mental could cause blocks. The blockages are virtual and can hinder your life force as per our specialist instructor in Vedic Thai Yoga massage in Miami Shores. What can you do to fix it? Our massage therapist is certified and manipulates specific lines of energy in your body using his feet, elbows, and hands. The goal is to use manual pressure that stimulates those energy lines.

What's the basic principles that are the basis of Thai yoga?

The basic principle that underlie Thai massage are that it utilizes an integrative method to relieve stress and break up obstructions. It achieves this by assisted massage, acupuncture, compression and stretching. It is our Thai teacher will lead you into a state of trance as you apply manual tantric, the rhythmic pressure and focusing on the intention.

You'll feel more relaxed when our bodyworker gently assists your body into an euphoric state, which triggers the biochemical Shen healing. If you plan regular sessions, it won't take long before you're free of sickness and pain. For the best outcomes, it is essential to be careful when selecting the right bodyworker to provide you with the most effective Thai massages within Miami, FL. Our certified practitioner exhibits impeccable knowledge of Thai yoga practice, knowledge, and techniques.

Thai yoga massage therapeutic benefits

Are you interested in finding out what Thai Yoga massage near Bayside Miami could change your life from suffering to happiness? These facts will aid you in determining whether it's worth it or not. Because it's a total body type or massage therapy, it can address numerous discomfort points, which include:

Muscle tension


Circulation blockage

Premenstrual syndrome

Chronic back or neck pain

Shoulder aches

The results of treatment for anxiety, depression and numbness caused due to multiple sclerosis or stroke are equally amazing. What does it feel like? It's holistic, rejuvenating and meditative. It is also relaxing as well as painless, comfortable and reviving.

How do I begin? Make an appointment for a private session and receive a top-quality Thai yoga treatment in Miami with Riko Chirito. He has a proven record, a certification as well as an ongoing flow of returning clients. If you're new to our facility, be sure to use the $30 credit you received after registering. It can be used towards the first massage session. Riko can be used for official public or private events and training classes.