Got Lower Back Pain? Try Yoga


If you're struggling with back pain, you're likely to want to find ways to ease the pain It could be yoga.

I know people who practice it regularly for many years with the sole aim of helping them relieve their lower back pain.

Back pain is usually due to sitting for long periods in the same posture. This type of sitting can create strain on the spine and the muscles surrounding it, which can cause stiffness and pain. The discomfort may not be evident until after the damage is caused, and it may take quite a bit of time to gain the flexibility. Massages and hot baths can aid a bit for a brief period of duration, however they don't help much in strengthening the back, which is a long time solution.

A recent study that found regular participants had less pain than those who engaged in stretching exercises or read an aid book for self-help. The yoga instructors discovered ways they could control their discomfort.

There are a variety of forms of yoga. However, the ones that have been proven to be the most effective for lower back discomfort are Hatha, Iyenga and viniyoga varieties. The best number of poses daily is between 5 to 11. Include a guided meditation and you'll reap the advantages of less discomfort. The patients of the study could improve those muscles of their lower back. They had positive mental or spiritual spin-offs. The study also offered an opportunity to other sufferers to to control their discomfort.

If you're considering doing yoga but have back pain, then you must talk to your doctor prior to starting. It's also recommended that you talk to an instructor in yoga about their experiences when it comes low back pain and postures. They can help you decide which postures can be most beneficial for you.

The reason why yoga is beneficial for back pain can be attributed to its ability to make muscles stronger. It also improves flexibility and mobility. Oxygen is transported to muscles, and the effects of meditation can be incredibly beneficial. People who meditate regularly report less pain and when combined with yoga it's more effective.

Simply practicing a few postures can make a big impact. Health is believed to be due to an elastic spine. People who have one will get older and be be more active in their later years. Younger adults naturally have the spine that is flexible. As we get older, less exercise is completed and the lower back and spine may stiffen. Regular Yoga practice gives you the chance to stretch the spine.

Even after just a few weeks of yoga, you should be able to notice a more extended spine. Additionally, you should feel more energy that might have been lying in a state of numbness for a long time.

Riko Chirito is an experienced practitioner of yoga and pilates exercises, book an appointment and experience the "healing touch".