How I started as Thai & Yoga Therapist

In the year 2000, Carmen Newton who was then at the age of 58, attended her first intense on-the-mat Thai massage course that is a bodywork technique that involves stretching and traction usually performed at the table. It was a struggle to get on the floor due to knee arthritis.

"I couldn't go from standing to squatting," she states. "I couldn't get back up. I had to lie down on my knees, roll down and then lean back on something."

As she continued to study classes and continue to practice, however, Thai massage began to help her. Carmen experienced a moment of awe when she was attempting an everyday Thai stretching stretch. Standing on her toes, behind her seated client Carmen put her knees on her trainors back.With her hands resting on the shoulders of the client she pulled the person to the side, bending her knees similar to a passive move in yoga. Carmen was able to realize her shock that she was safely in a squat posture and without knee pain.

In the process she learned a crucial lesson: Although Thai massage demands specific physical strength endurance, stamina, and flexibility of the practitioner, the emphasis on body mechanics that are good and alignment, stretching according to the weight of gravity, and mindful breathing will assist the practitioner to develop the skills it requires.

The Start

Also known as nuad phaen boran In the Thai word, English term Thai massage could be to be a false description to people who practice conventional Western style massage. The clients are fully covered. There is no use of oil (although some practitioners do use hot herbal packs) And the treatment is not always focused on specific muscle groups.

Practitioners usually employ a variety of different techniques to clients who are lying on the floor, lying on a matthat is fully covered, whether in the supine, seated, side or prone. Thai massage usually involves compression. Practitioners use their elbows, feet and knees, as well as hands to stretch and compress the client. The stretches are accompanied by breathing that are often regarded as an exercise that is essentially passive yoga. 

Although it's thousands of years old, Thai massage didn't arrive in the United States until the late 1990s, at which point Westerners began to practice it. Riko completed her first class during 2001 California. "I felt as though I had met my massage soul mate," he states. His very first visit in Thailand in 2003 to study with Chiang Mai's Old Medicine Hospital in Chiang Mai Chiang Mai, one of the centers of Thai massage therapy education.

Riko returned home and realized how quickly he could assist those suffering from chronic issues. When he began to incorporate Thai massage stretching into his table massages clients would openly be vocal: "That feels amazing," they would comment. In the end, Riko returned to Thailand for more training followed by a move as an instructor creating her own Thai massage center, Living Miamio Beach, in Florida.

The Benefits of Thai Massage

Longevity of career in massage therapy

As an instructor Riko observed how her teaching helped the students and many of them were massage therapists. "I realized that Thai massage could hold a key to career longevity for therapists," he declares. "When you are delivering downward pressure in a regular massage, you use your wrists, or biceps, for example, or other small muscles we can overuse."

In Thai massage Therapists employ the muscles that are larger, in conjunction with gravity. The movement of the practitioner is derived from their core muscles, and they maintain their back straight, shoulders up and chest in a relaxed position, even while moving. The body mechanics as well as working in tandem with gravity aids to lift heavy loads as well as the lifting.

Eric Badon, who is a Thai massage therapist and instructor in Seattle, Washington, found this out for himself. In constant pain from hand, shoulder and neck injury, Badon considered giving up his profession, but then he took part in an Thai Massage demonstration. "It was the first time I ever saw a therapist use feet," Spivack states. He's traveled to Thailand 10 times, and has studied under more than 2 dozen different teachers and also runs the company he owns, a Thai massage clinic, Soaring Crane Massage & Acupuncture, in Seattle.

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania-based massage therapy therapist Beth Logan also finds that using Thai massage helps her manage her own stress and pain. "If I am holding stress--a headache, for example, or tightness in my shoulder--doing a Thai massage often takes my pain away," she states. Sometimes after a day of massage and massage, giving an Thai massage towards the conclusion of the day can revitalize her, much like an exercise or meditation class could.

Increased client base and versatility

While Thai massage is typically performed on the floor using mats, certain practices can be modified to using tables for massage. Practitioners may choose to incorporate aspects of Thai massage in their regular massage therapy sessions.

Brown is one of the therapists who has integrated her Thai massage techniques to her table massage routine. The inclusion of table Thai massage has brought surprising advantages to her work. One of the benefits is that she can attract new clients who were curious about massage but were hesitant to take off their clothing and also existing clients who are keen on Thai massage, but who are uncomfortable sitting on the floor.

At at 33 Brown was able to adapt quite easily stretching and compression Thai massage. Others, like Rosler might need to get used to the practice. In the first class For instance, Rosler placed bolsters behind her knees that were arthritic to enable her to do squats.

Thai Massage practitioner, instructor Ananda Apfelbaum, author of Thai Massage Sacred Bodywork, has degenerative discs as well as vertebrae that she suffered from during her previous dancing career. She needed methods to stay safe from injuries. "This includes letting go of certain moves if the client is too heavy or too inflexible for me to manage well," she declares. "Each practitioner has to know his or her limits and work within that."

Benefits of Thai Massage for Clients

Like other types of massage therapy, advantages associated with Thai massage to clients could include relaxation, improved mobility, and relief from pain and discomfort that comes with a variety of chronic ailments. It is important to note that Rosler advises against it, and does not recommend Thai massage for all of of her clients. "I have clients who I know just wouldn't want to do this," she states.

She will talk to these patients about Thai massage however she also practices elements of Thai massage on all of her clients. In particular, she incorporates Thai work by putting the clients into positions which increase the length of muscles.

Thai massages are most effective when it's customized to the individual. "I have had clients from ages 15 to 80," Spivack adds. "Each of their treatments will look very different, specific to their needs." He has worked with patients who suffer from knee injuries and whiplash as well as those who are overweight or elderly. "For those individuals, I modify a lot of the poses and stretches, and always work with their comfort range," He adds.

Want to learn more More about Thai Massage?

Massage therapists who want to learn Thai massage must first be trained, according to Riko Chirito, "The more you work at it and learn, the more proficient you become. Learn it, enroll in an class, get your feet immersed,"

The materials needed to start are not expensive: a mat, or two of them, cushion and a few pillows. Bilinski will take new classes when her schedule and lifestyle permit. "I'm a Thai novice," she confesses however she's been enthralled by the practice and is able to receive monthly work.

Riko recommends starting by taking a weekend-long continuing education class, maybe the introduction Thai massage classes. "You won't finish workshop on Sunday and advertise yourself as Thai massage on Monday," she suggests however, you'll have tried the waters.

If you're wondering what Thai massage could be a good fit for your current practice, Riko has some encouraging words. "I would like to remind those who are considering Thai massage that it is very easy to incorporate into a conventional massage practice," Riko says. "It does not have to be the sole focus of your routine. It can help enhance it. You can continue to do table massage - and all the techniques that you've learned -- and incorporate Thai massage without having to re-discover all the other information. It's extremely flexible."

You can contact Riko Chirito through his website Best Thai Yoga Massage - Miami or go to his place at 323 NE 171st Street North Miami Beach, 33162 or call him at 3055629917